Xenon gas treatment

Xenon gas treatment is one of the most inovative techniques in the field of addiction treatmentMedical science and equipment for drug addiction treatment is constantly improving and progressing daily in order to achieve more efficient treatment of different addictions. Modern way of life brought a lot of rush and stress, 

xenon gas treatment equipmentand therefore frequent fatigue and depression which lead to some illegal means of relaxation - modern medicine is increasingly faced with diseases that are the result of chronic stress, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia and absentmindedness and eith the problem of the abuse of opiates, alcohol and other harmful substances.

When a person is depressed and constantly under stress, the body cries out for help, which is often obtained in the wrong place. It is easier to create a habit than to  recover from it. It is a psychological and physiological problem because when detoxifying, a man must fight against physical, but also mental pain. Therefore, addiction treatment is a difficult process in which the most persistent succeed. This is one of the main reasons why drug detoxification therapies introduce new techniques that help addicts that eases the effort withdrawal and at the same time provide them with the necessary motivation to persevere desire and effort.

As one of the most innovative techniques in addiction treatment , Xenon gas treatment emerged -  an inert noble gas without odor and taste, which is obtained from liquid air. This gas is a breakthrough in the field of medicine because many studies have established that it is useful in multiple ways, and causes no side effects because it does not establishes any interaction with chemical agents in the human body, which is typical for other types of therapies. Because of this, xenon therapy  has no consequences in terms of nausea and vomiting as is the case with the use of artificial anesthetic. It is much stronger than other anesthetics, and acts quickly, in 5 to 6 minutes, but patients are extremely quick and easy to recover from it, because it expeles through the lungs for only 3-4 minutes and disappears from the body. Also, the Xenon is ecologically clean product and is completely safe for the environment.

Because of its properties and effects, and all mixtures of xenon are actively used in narcology during alcohol dependence treatment, drug addiction treatment and smoking. This is now the most advanced methods in the treatment of addiction because it provides the most effective results in rehab, as well as the recovery of various psychological and neurological problems that result from the consumption of harmful substances. The results showed that standard methods in combination with xenon therapy provide the fastest results because it is the best way alleviate the main symptoms typical of the recovery process – reasons why addicts usually drop out of rehab. Xenon relieves pain and protects brain cells and affects the vegetative stabilization system which is destabilized due to the use of opiates. Recent research on the origin of dependence determined that one of the main roles in this process have receptors in the brain that is crucial influence on the creation of desire, the cravings and need for a substance. Intense and prolonged stimulation of these receptors results in cell death that leads to depression, apathy, decreased mental capacity and complete disintegration of a man as an individual.

xenon gas treatmentXenon acts on these receptors and it is clinically proven that it quickly and safely eliminates the need for any opiate and drug craving. It also facilitates the consequences of abstinence and toxicological consequences of heavy use of opiates such as amphetamine, methamphetamine, alcohol and other psychoactive substances, it helps speedy recovery and regaining mental capacity, improves sleep quality and eliminates depression, fear and panic. Therefore, the xenon treatment is treatment is truly revolutionary method of treating addiction as it increases the percentage of success.

In psychiatry, Xenon gas is applied in the treatment of depression, effects of stress, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, reduced work activities, and it was found that it rapidly regulates blood pressure and can also be used for the treatment of hypertension. Xenon protects nerve cells and positively affects the cells of the central nervous system, and thanks to its pharmacological and physiological properties (analgesic, sedative, protects organs, acting against stress) has recently received a wide range of applications in human therapy. Xenon increases cerebral blood flow, helping to break the body and eliminate tension, increases work capacity, stimulates memory and helps the recovery of many lost organ function after a heart attack or brain injury. Xenon is the safest anesthetic used successfully in complicated and difficult childbirth and childbirth "Caesarean section". Although expensive, xenon has been increasingly used as an anesthetic during surgery for general anesthesia because patients are better and faster healed in the postoperative process, and the possibility of recycling Xenon makes it worthwhile.

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