Drug detoxification painkillers treatment patient Manchester

Forty four year old patient from Manchester that got addicted to prescription drugs. Tramadol was prescribed to him after an automotive accident seven years ago that left him with lower back pain. Also Xanax and Diazepam were prescribed for his anxiety. He came to Dr Vorobiev clinic in Belgrade for a twelve day treatment program. Previously he went to three clinics (London, Tokyo, Singapore), and those treatments were not successful. He went through detox and chiropractic sessions for his lower back problem and psychiatric and psychological care as well for his anxieties - so this is the first clinic that addressed the root of his problem. After this eleven day treatment he has no cravings. He received a naltrexone implant also. He would like to thank the clinic and everybody working there. 

In our drug detoxification from painkillers treatment center we had patients from all over the world: Ireland, Dublin, England, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Sunderland, Brighton, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Wells, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Lisburn, Europe, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Norway, Austria, Canada, Australia, USA...

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