Ibogaine clinic europe addiction interruption treatment

Patient from the USA with ten year addiction to prescription drugs. She tried different treatments in the USA without success – relapsed early every time and decided to travel abroad for therapy. At Dr Vorobiev clinic she went through successful detoxification and ibogaine therapy and she is very satisfied with the results.  She is very happy, feels positive about her future normal life. She prays the staff, affordability of the clinic and recommends it to everybody. 

In our ibogaine clinic for addiction interruption we had patients from all over the world: UK, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, N. Ireland, London, Dublin, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford,  Sunderland, Brighton, Kingston, Leicester, WakefieldManchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Dublin, Europe, Canada, Vancouver, USA...

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