Naltrexone implant clinic europe one year treatment for heroin addiction and detox

Dr. Alexey: So, you are leaving our clinic, the treatment took some three days

Patient: yes

Dr. Alexey: Tell me shortly, your story

Patient: I came with big problem with heroin. I’m very satisfied by the personnel here. The doctor did a very good job, and now I’m leaving with no problems, I have an implant for 1 year, and I’m pretty happy.

Dr. Alexey: Let me make this story a little bit clearer. So, you had problems with heroin

Patient: yes

Dr. Alexey: And for a few days you didn’t take heroin before coming to clinic, your intention was to get implant, for one year, Naltrexone implant. Ok?


Dr. Alexey: But then when we challenged you with Naloxone test you started presenting withdrawal symptoms. Ok?

Patient: That’s it

Dr. Alexey: And then we offered you in hospital treatment for three days, and you passed detoxification. So how was detox?

Patient: It wasn’t difficult. It was very good

Dr. Alexey: So you didn’t feel any unpleasant symptoms?

Patient: No, no.

Dr. Alexey: So it was quite comfortable for you?

Patient: yes, it was Ok.

Dr. Alexey: So the day after detox, how was it?

Patient: I was fine, I was not nervous, I was taking medicines, and I was ok.

Dr. Alexey: So actually you are satisfied here with the treatment?

Patient: Yes, very much

Dr. Alexey: So can you recommend our clinic to other patients?

Patient: I will, I will for sure

Dr. Alexey: Thank you, we wish you best, hopefully you will stay away from drugs

Patient: I will

Dr Alexey: So good luck

In our Naltrexone implant clinic Europe we had patients all over the world: England, UK, Brighton, Kingston, Plymouth, Wolverhampton , Stoke, Derby, Southampton, London, Manchester, Bristol, Aberdeen, Scotland, Glasgow, Cardiff, Wales, Dublin, Belfast, Europe: Greece, Norway, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada...

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