Marijuana substance cocaine addiction detox

I came to the clinic here at dr. Vorobiev because I was addicted to cocaine, pills and marijuana. When 
I first came I wasn’t willing to do any other procedures, I wasn’t willing to have a xenon therapy, the 
stem cell therapy but once I got more comfortable around doctors I was able to see that I couldn’t 
make those decisions for myself and that I needed to trust them that they are going to make the best 
decisions for my health ... and after a few procedures after I did the stem cell and everything I started to 
feel really better I did not have withdrawals often ... and it’s just make me feel more comfortable with 
the doctors and it make me trusted them more that they really are able to help me ... and at the end of 
the program now I feel lot healthier, I’ve been sleeping well, I don’t ... I don’t have as much anxiety ... 
now I plan to go on to rehabilitation centre and after that of curse go back home, and I am excited to 
start doing activities again that I couldn’t do when I was on the influence of the drugs like a sure mix
and reading and stuff like that, and of course going back to school and getting a new job.

In our center for marijuana and cocaine addiction detox we had patients from all over the world: Uk, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, London,  Bradford, Manchester,Bristol,  Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield,Liverpool, Leicester, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Cork, Europe, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Canada, USA, Australia...


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