Detox from heroin clinic true experience

Me and my girlfriend we traveling all the time and we find dr Vorobiev clinic. We came back and Claudia found that was the last chance to detox from heroin which she is been suffering from for around 20 years. Came to the clinic … normally what to expect. On arrival it was hard, Claudia found it hard for the first two weeks, but with the help of the doctors and all the sisters she finally start to progress after a couple of weeks. Stuff … I could only said good about them. They all been very supportive for me, who was been here supporting Claudia and yeah they been a big help. It is small clinic very intentive, and the helps is all the way. Claudia is now in the stage that we bout happy with due to the care and hopefully this is our last visit to this clinic. If you are thinking about coming here I would definitely recommend. It is yeah … it cost expensive but if you think … the cost that you spend every day on whatever source you using  I would definitely recommended. One of the best detox I’ve been to with Claudia and she’s been to a few which was been lot hard on her, this is been the easiest she’s gone true  … and … so come visit Serbia, Belgrade … beautiful city … that’s all … Good luck to everybody.

In our detox from heroin clinic we had patients from all over the world: England, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, UK, London, Dublin, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Leicester, Wakefield, Coventry, Nottingham,Wells, Cardiff, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Perth, Stirling,Ireland, Dublin, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland...

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