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opiates addiction

Opiates are very effective in means of suppressing pain and alleviating anxiety.  Besides they produce a distinguished  euphoric effect. That is why opiates are often used as recreational drugs. Psychological and physical dependence on opiates leading to addiction is a common outcome of regular use of opiates.

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stimulantsThe term stimulants (or psychostimulants) refers to psychoactive compounds which  temporarily activate  neurological  activity, increase  mental alertness, awareness,  wakefulness, locomotion and etc.  In other words psychostimulants are drugs  with energizing or/and  mood-elevating effects.

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marijuana addictionCannabis sativa (marijuana) is a wild hemp. Due to its psychoactive properties for a long time it was used both  the treatment and still has been using to achieve a particular euphoric state characterized by general body relaxation and hallucinogenic effects.

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mephedrone addictionMephedrone is a synthetic psychostimulant from amphetamine class.  Mephedrone was synthesised in 1929, but was out of practical use until 2003 when it was “rediscovered' by underground chemist and drug addict known by nickname “Kinetic”.  And four years after the drug was available for sale on internet.

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multiple addictionMultiple addiction is  addiction on two, three and more psychoactive substances at a time. There can be various combinations of drugs from different classes. The most frequent drugs combinations are: heroin + cocaine; cocaine + alcohol; heroin+ MMDA (ecstasy); heroin + THC ( marijuana); alcohol+ amphetamines+ MMDA+ THC; benzodiazepines usually take part in every combination. 

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