Rapid heroin detox treatment clinic cheap and affordable

Hi, I’m from London, I’ve been a heroin user for more than ten years, mainly pure heroin. And that was two to three grams a day. I found this clinic on the internet which was one of the cheaper ones – 2000 Euros which is affordable when you’re spending that much money on heroin a month. So, facility is fantastic, staff unbelievably nice, and what’s funny, even the other patients were nice. When you think you’re going to get hassled somewhere,  but no one has been a hassle, it has been absolutely fantastic. There’s not a bad word I can say about this clinic. So, it helped me, they put this Neuro-things on your neck, I don’t know the real name for it…neuro…some sort of thing. If you get any pain, you go to the doctor straight away and he will give you medication, so, you have nothing to worry about really. And they do encourage you to, you know, stay clean and just try to live a healthy life. So, hopefully it works for me, and I’m happy to be here. 

in our Rapid heroin detox treatment hospital we had patients from all over the world: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Wales,Cardiff, Ireland, Belfast, Lisburn, Waterford, Kilkenny, Nottingham, Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Brighton, UK, NJ, Europe, Florida, Austria, England, Germany, Italy, France, Norway...

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