Anti heroin implant against narcotics

Forty eight year old patient from Perth, Australia. He had very strong physical and psychological dependence to heroin for twenty years, and had several unsuccessful treatments prior to coming to Dr Vorobiev clinic in Belgrade. He was put to sleep while his body was detoxing and he did not feel any pain. Pharmacological blockade was implanted (long term Naltrexone implant). He is in a very good and stable condition and is very satisfied with the treatment. He feels hundred percent better. Says that the doctors are very nice, the best in the world.

In our anti heroin implant clinic we had patients from all over the world: UK, Dublin, Northern Ireland, Belfast, London, Oxford, Canterbury, St Albans, Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow,  Aberdeen, Dublin, Ireland, Cardiff, Wales, England, Europe, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Australia, USA, Canada...

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