Treatment for alcohol dependence Dr Vorobiev

I’ve come to this dr Vorobiev clinic because I needed help. In the past I drink a lot, I drink too much and when I found out that I drink even at work I figure out that I had to look for professional help. And then I went on line and did some research who could help me. And I didn’t want to do any treatment in Germany because it would have take too long and I needed short break from my habits, some kind of intervention. That’s why I came to Belgrade to dr Vorobiev and I been to treatment two months ago in November and since then I haven’t had any craving for alcohol. I’ve been on medication, but its ok I agreed to medications and I could recommend everybody to do this treatment here in any dr Vorobiev clinic whether it’s Moscow or Belgrade doesn’t matter. I feel very good here. People were very nice to me and helped me a lot and I didn’t find it hard to stop my cravings for alcohol and as I was saying it’s very efficient method I could recommended … yeah … it help me break the habit.

In our center for alcohol dependence treatment we had patients from all over the world: UK, London, Ireland, Dublin, England, Scotland, Aberdeen, Europe, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, USA United states, Mn, NC, Seattle, Michigan, NJ, Florida, Denver, CT, Illinois, Oregon, San Diego, Atlanta, Portland, Tampa, Houston, San Francisko, Sacramento, Nyc, los angeles, Las vegas, Boston...

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