Detoxification from methadone

Patients who are abusing methadone should be aware that detoxification from methadone is necessary, it is extremely difficult, not to say impossible alone, and that it is therefore necessary to turn to professionals for help.

Replacing methadone for heroin is dangerous

Methadone is dangerousMethadone is a strong and powerful drug that is prescribed as a treatment for patients who are giving up opiates, primarily heroin. Methadone is used in the process of heroin detoxification and heroin addiction treatment, but is also used as an analgesic and a drug that helps former drug addict to remain "clean" and return to normal life in the period of psychosocial therapy. Methadone as a treatment is only prescribed by doctors and used solely under the control of professional staff in order to prevent any abuse of the drug that is strong and dangerous if used incorrectly.

Although methadone helps addicts in the process of withdrawal from heroin and alleviates heavy detox symptoms and withdrawal syndrome, a major risk when using this drug is replacing one addiction to another - heroin for methadone, because - Methadone is an opiate. Therefore, methadone use, and only under medical supervision in institutions and clinics specializing in the treatment of addiction diseases and used gradually to avoid side effects can help addicts to get through the detox.

Methadone is a narcotic like any other opiate that produces a very strong dependence

methadone vs heroinWhat you need to know about methadone is that it acts similarly to heroin. Binds to the same receptors in the brain as well as heroin and causes the same chemical reaction in the body like heroin. It is for that reason we emphasize that methadone is prescribed and used only under the supervision of clinics and hospitals that provide treatment of addictions. Any abuse and use beyond the medical system can have fatal consequences. Because methadone is a narcotic like any other opiate, such as heroin, Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Vicodin .And what is more important and needs to be emphasized, methadone is an opiate that produces a very strong dependence if used incorrectly.

Some methadone crisis compare with the severe form of the flu, but the symptoms are ten times stronger than the strongest symptoms of the flu. Now remember how bad you feel when you had high temperature, muscle pain, and feel completely exhausted and multiply all that by ten to realize how difficult the situation of those who are going through methadone withdrawal. That is why this form of addiction must be treated in specialized clinics under the supervision of professional staff.

Some of the methods used to mitigate the classic symptoms of withdrawal are: adequate food, warm blankets during the attack shivering and cold, cold baths during hot flushes and sweats, aspirin for pain relief in the muscles. Clonidine may be prescribed for relieving many painful symptoms in the process of detoxification from methadone, and it was confirmed that some patients after taking clonidine did not feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

Methadone detox treatment

Detoxification from methadone painless methodHowever, as in any process of healing from the use of opiates, the most important is the motivation, the will and perseverance in a process that is not pleasant, but is vitally important.  Due to the hard efforts of methadone detox, specialized clinics use all means and humane treatment that allows the patient comfortable and pain-free cleaning of this dangerous opiate. Modern research and cutting-edge methods of detoxification from methadone enables patients to cope with the process without any problems, it's easier and faster than expected. "Clinic Dr. Vorobiev" is one of the most modern clinics for substance abuse treatment that uses cutting-edge painless method of detoxification that give quick results. And even if some of the unpleasant symptoms can not be avoided, the awareness of the benefits which are gained will help to endure. That is why professional psychological help is necessary to encourage and support the patient to endure and understand that after detoxification and treatment they will be able to live a normal life that does not depend on a tablet.

Methadone quick detox process

At our clinic we use several detox techniques, we can offer diferent detoxification programs:

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