Naltrexone implant uk patient and heroin detoxification treatment

Ivan: Where you came from?

Patient: Dublin.

Ivan: From Dublin … and you find us?

Patient: Trough the internet.

Ivan: It was easy to find us?

Patient: Yeah, It was lot easier than … more than England than, couldn’t find any in England, I found one here.

 Ivan: Ok. How long you have problem and what kind of problem?

Patient: I have problem for 18 month to 2 years.

Ivan: It was something else you have before that? And what are you using?

Patient: I use heroin and benzodiazepine

Ivan: And you came by …?

Patient: I came here … I flew here.

Ivan: By plane?

Patient: Yeah … by plane.

Ivan: And someone came for you, yeah?

Patient: Yeah, I got picked up at the airport … he’s a taxi driver.

Ivan: And how was in the hospital?

Patient: It was good … good treatment … painless.

Ivan: Painless treatment … without pain?

Patient: Yes, without pain … yeah.

Ivan: And you pass through everything?

Patient: Yeah … good … I have the implant and that’s good.      

Ivan: It is easy to find implant in UK?

Patient: No.

Ivan: So it’s very difficult?

Patient: Yeah … It was lot easier to find you to me.

Ivan: So … you go home?

Patient: Yeah … I go home tomorrow.

Ivan: And you will come for check in?

Patient: In 3 months

Pacijent: Da, za 3 meseca.

Ivan: In 3 months … because you have … implant?

Patient: Implant, yeah.

Ivan: Thank you.

In our naltrexone implant hospital we had patients from all over the world: UK, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London, Ireland, Dublin, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, ingston, Plymouth, Wolverhampton, Stoke, Derby, England, Europe, France, Italy, Germany, Norway...

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