Ultra rapid oxycontin detox method for patient from Italy

dr Alexey: Today is the last day of your treatment. Today you are leaving to Italy. Can you tell me shortly your story? What was your problem and for how long?

patient: My problem was oxycontin for about a year and a half. After that a year and a half straight. I started about three years ago. I had a motorbike accident. I used to race with kawasaki bikes and I broke my back. The doctor gave me oxycontin. Last six months the dosage of this is going higher and higher, up to like 500 mg a day. 

dr Alexey: The medication which worked before, start stopping working for the last few months, your daily dosage has grown up, so you start feeling that you are getting addicted to oxycontin. Probably that's why you decided to undergo treatment?

patient: Yes. I needed to get my receptors back to normal.  

dr Alexey: How did you feel at the start of the treatment? 

patient: Not too bad. I was in withdrawing too bad because I still had it all in me. I think the most withdrawal was after the first procedure that we did. The first ultra rapid detox procedure. I felt after that really weak, really drained. Symptoms were running nose, caughing for a little bit...It was not too bad, but you know...but youguys are good, you guys are very good, keeping from not withdrawing.  

dr Alexey: The second procedure was two days after. How did you feel after the second procedure? 

patient: I felt pretty good. I felt almost a 100%. 

dr Alexey: You could see the difference between the first procedure and the second procedure?

patient: Yes. Because for me and my oxycontin daily intake was 400 -600, lets say 300-600 a day. That's way I definitely needed the treatment, and it's good, it was very good, very good. 

dr Alexey: Today when the treatment is over, detoxification is over, are you satisfied with the results of the treatment? 

patient: Definitely, most definitely, a 100%. I would come here in a heartbeat, in a second. If relapse or something, or if anybody out there has addiction problems, this is the place to come. That's for sure.  

dr Alexey: What is your plan for future?

patient: For the future? I don't know, let's see. I'm almost retired, so I'm looking over some investments. I'm building a house now, nearly, on the water, and a loging cabin. Per il future? 

dr Alexey: Just positive things? 

patient: Oh, yes, just gonna have family, kids, and the next, and the next...Me and my girlfriend, my wife soon to be in the next couple of years. So next couple of years I will find answers, everything is ok, and we'll have a couple of babies.

dr Alexey: We are all satisfied with the results of the treatment. It seems that you are ready to go home. You gonna stay in touch with us, and in case you have any kind of problem, just let us know, and we are always ready to help you.

In our ultra rapid oxycontine detox hospital we had patients from all over the world: England, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, London, Scotland, Glasgow,  Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Ireland, Dublin, Belfast, Wales, Cardiff, Europe, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, USA...

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