Cannabis withdrawal symptoms

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms

The most common of cannabis withdrawal symptoms is insomnia. Its severity can vary from a few nights in a row completely without sleep for up to several months, when insomnia occurs from time to time.

Psychiatric disorders of cannabis withdrawal

Another common cannabis withdrawal symptom is depression (unless you fall into a pathological euphoria), accompanied byCannabis withdrawal symptoms nightmares and vivid dreams. Cannabis tends to suppress the dreams, so when you cease cannabis use, dreams come back with double strength. Dreams can be brightly colored, emotionally intense which  sometimes are perceived as reality. Waking up and then falling asleep you find yourself in the same dream again and again. These nightly vivid dreams usually occur about a week after the rejection of the drug and continued for about a month and then gradually taper off.

Dreams "with the use of cannabis”occur very frequently and may persist for several years, albeit with a less brightness than during the first weeks.  They are considered as a sign  for recovery.

The fourth most common symptom of cannabis withdrawal is irritability. It can range from a gradually increasing anger against the background of constant irritability to sudden bursts of uncontrollable anger: anger at the world, anger at loved ones, anger at himself  for being addicted to drugs and then for ceasing them. Emotional peaks with the feelings rushing between depression, anger and euphoria are ongoing. Sometimes there are feelings of anxiety or restlessness, loss of sense of humor, decreased or increased sexual desire. Most of these emotional disorders come back  to normal within three months.

Attention disorders during the first few weeks are also very common and sometimes  for a short period of time make the learning process  impossible.  

Physical disorders of cannabis withdrawal

The most common physical symptom of cannabis is the persistent headaches.  They can last fromCannabis addiciton several weeks to a couple of months, and be very intense during the first few days.

Another common disorder with cannabis usage is night sweats, sometimes so strong that people  have to change clothes. They can last from a few nights to a month or so. Sweating is one of the natural ways to clean the body of toxins.

Sweating palms is  also a common symptom and usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor from hands. Smell from the body sometimes is so strong  that in many cases it requires additional shower or bath.

Cough is another way in which the body cleans itself. It can last for several weeks up to six months.

A third of cannabis addicts who responded to a questionnaire on detox indicated that there were problems with digestion during  the first few days (some - up to six weeks). The main symptoms were loss of appetite (sometimes sufficient for a temporary weight loss), stomach cramps after eating, diarrhea and nausea (sometimes with vomiting - no longer than one or two days). Most digestive problems are held within a month.

The other cannabis withdrawal symptoms  of physical disorders are: tremor (trembling), limb shaking and dizziness.  Less frequent ones are  back pain, impotence, hormonal imbalance, low immunity, daily fatigue, and minor visual disturbances, which usually take place within 2 months.

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