Rapid detox withdrawal from methadone UROD Norway patient

Dr. Alexey: Tomorrow you leave our clinic, so I’d like two ask you just few questions. Tell me please how old are you?

Patient: I’m soon to be 37

Dr. Alexey: Thirty seven… where are you from

Patient: I’m from Norway

Dr. Alexey: Tell us your story, when did you start with drugs, what kind of drugs was that          

Patient:I started with hashish  when I was 17. I came to be more advance with amphetamine when I was about 20 and I did not take heroin before I was 26.

Dr. Alexey: So, you started using heroin at the age of twenty six. And how long have you been on heroin?

Patient: seven years

Dr. Alexey: So, you switched from heroin to methadone

Patient: Four years ago, yes.

Dr. Alexey: So, for the last four years you were on methadone?

Patient: yes

Dr Alexey: What was your daily dose?

Patient: 110 mg

Dr. Alexey: hundred and ten milligrams of methadone. So, it was a liquid form methadone?

Patient: Yes

Dr. Alexey: Did you ever have treatment?

Patient: I have never had treatment. The only treatment I had was myself – cold turkey

Dr. Alexey: So, were you successful?

Patient: one time I have been in prison I had to be

Dr. Alexey: For how long have you been clean

Patient: Six months

Dr. Alexey: So, you were clean for six months, and then you went back to heroin

Patient: Yeah, they started giving me heroin one week before I leave prison

Dr. Alexey: So four years you were on methadone…Why did you decided to undergo detoxification?

Patient: That’s a simple question…because I know that it is state government program on methadone in Norway and it’s like a feel you get policed by them, I have to ask them if I can have an extra bottle if I go somewhere…

Dr. Alexey: So, actually you were tied up, you didn’t feel free

Patient: No I didn’t feel free

Dr. Alexey: Because you couldn’t live without methadone, and you couldn’t go far without methadone, that was the main reason

Patient: Yeah, like I was in some kind of Big Brother

Dr. Alexey: So, you were at our clinic for detoxification? It took… how many days?

Patient: Seven days

Dr. Alexey:  What do you think about this treatment?

Patient: I didn’t realize that it was that good as it was. It was very good

Dr. Alexey: How did it look like?

Patient: Very calm enviroment

Dr. Alexey: How many procedures did you have?

Patient: I had three procedures

Dr. Alexey: You had 3 detox procedures… And how was it at the beginning?

Patient: I was so sleepy. I sleep, sleep, sleep… couple of days

Dr. Alexey: Did you feel any symptoms of withdrawal?

Patient: on the fourth day, a little

Dr. Alexey: and we gave you medication

Patient: Yes

Dr. Alexey: And that laid you back

Patient: Yes

Dr. Alexey: So we had to start third procedure

Patient: Yes

Dr. Alexey: So after the third procedure, how did you feel?

Patient: Now I feel fine

Dr. Alexey: Are you satisfied with the results of the treatment?

Patient: Exceptionally, yes

Dr. Alexey: So the treatment met your expectations

Patient: yes

Dr. Alexey: We wish you all the best, just follow all our recommendations.

Patient: yes I will

Dr. Alexey: , Be well, and good like to you

Patient: Thank you

In our Rapid methadone detox ( UROD ) hospital we had patients from all over the world: Belfast, Lisburn, Dublin, Cork, Cardiff, Swansea, ondon, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Wakefield, Coventry, Nottingham, Newcastle, Europe, Germany, Norway, France, Italy...

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