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Dr. Aleksej: Tomorrow you are leaving for London after detox procedure, after detox treatment, just please tell us shortly your story, what was your problem.

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Patient: I was using heroin, smoking heroin for past 25 years, mostly nonstop. There has been keeps but very intermitted. I am 41 years old, male, I currently live in Africa and just got to the point that I’m tired of the falls and knocks and I wanted detox that works for me. Based on research that I did on the internet, especially on reviews, pure reviews of other people that have been to clinic, this particular clinic, I choose this clinic and was in touch with doctor. The stuff here, everyone was very helpful in there dose of feedback.

Dr. Aleksej: What was your daily dose?

Patient: My daily dose was gram a day.

Dr. Aleksej: How did you feel at a beginning of treatment?

Patient: At the beginning of a treatment I was anxious very anxious because knowing what happens in other detoxies where you just literally get left cold turkey.

Dr. Aleksej: Do you think that treatment you had to detox procedure … how did you feel straight after detox procedures?

Patient: I had basically the extended opiate … the longer version of that … I was under … under anesthesia for some time … bloody marvels … that’s all I could say … on that there was no withdrawal symptoms especially coming out of that. And then the Neuro jet therapy is another I’ve been giving on a daily bases which makes up lifts my moral on a daily bases.

Dr. Aleksej: I know that you in the past had a few detox procedures in different clinics can you compare current detox procedures with a previous one?

Patient: The current detox procedure want strait to the point, like I said, If I was in any sort of pain or any need of any medicament I was given. That need was attended to there and then. They make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, and that could not be said for any other detox procedure.

Dr. Aleksej: OK, today when you living for England, or when the treatment is over, how do you feel at the moment?

Patient: At the moment I cannot say I’m 100%, I wouldn’t be 100% for next probably 3 months, but I’m going … I’m mean my post ... post … postditoxification program .. period at the moment … I do not have anybody cramps,  body pains that maybe  do to medicament I’ve been given … but as it is … it’s been 7/8 days and there are no withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Aleksej: In other words, are you satisfied with results of the treatment?

Patient: Very satisfied.

Dr. Aleksej: What are your plans for the future?

Patient: Plans for the future is abstain from using of opiates as it is. I have my share of it, but it is not easy once you live 25 years and trying to live a new life but that is my plan, I plan  to stay of opiates and I’ve been given a treatment plan how to avoid as much as possible … the pit fools that will come across

Dr. Aleksej: Thank you very much for interview I wish you better and hope we will stay in touch

Patient: Thank you

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