Heroin detox procedure comfortable without withdrawal and drug craving patient from Ireland

I came from Dublin, problems with addiction. I’ve used heroin all me life and I’ve been relapsed several years ago due to family problems and things gone wrong in me life and ended up back on heroin.

Me self and me family looked on the internet to try to get somewhere away from home where I could detox where I wouldn’t relapse, and like that. So, we found the clinic on the internet in Serbia and I come over here and I got picked up from the airport. I just saw it all the time.

They keep you comfortable all the time so that you don’t feel withdrawals at all. They put you to sleep while they’re flushing out your system. So that’s good because you don’t feel. You’re not going through withdrawals, and when you come out of anesthetics then they give you more medication to kind of keep you from drug cravings and things like that, anything at all that you want.

I got me Naltrexone implant for 3 months and that will keep me safe for three months, so I want have to worry about relapse. Even if I do take something it wouldn’t work anyway. 

So, everyone over here was very kind to me, I couldn’t have come to a better place. All the doctors and nurses were brilliant, I definitely would recommend this clinic in Serbia, and it’s the best place I’ve been in so far.

In our heroin detox clinic we had patients from all over the world: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Belfast, Lisburn, Derry/Londonderry, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Europe, NJ, Florida,UK, England, Europe...

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