Rapid detoxification
Drug free life

How do we technically conduct the ultra rapid detoxification?

Painless detoxification

Detoxification based on total anesthesia - procedure of intensive cleaning of the body and the receptors.

This process is fully painless because of total anesthesia.

The procedure lasts approximately 6 hours. If necessary it can be after one day break.

Neuro Jet therapy

Activation of personal, natural neurotransmitter system.

Special device for stimulation of neurons can bring back the balance to the production of important regulators of emotions, pain, mood - dopamine, serotonin, noradrenalin.

Neuro Jet therapy is the most natural and the safest way to overcome the withdrawal syndrome.


The normalization of metabolism, sleep and appetite is secured by the use of hypnotics, psychostabilizators, and intensive nutritive and metabolic therapy.

Lymphatic drainage

Influence on a lymphatic system allows intensifying bloodstream and tissue exchanged.

It unblocks lymph nodes, increases lymphatic flow, and cleans the body faster.

It helps eliminating the "heavy - restless legs” symptom, “pain in bones”, knees, back and muscle spasms.

Condition of your stay in clinic

Medical care is provided by doctors and nurses on 24hour duty 7 days a week.

rapid opiate detox
rapid opiate detox
rapid opiate detox
rapid opiate detox
rapid opiate detox
rapid opiate detox

Our staff

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Six Steps to recovery

  • 1

    Phone of e-mail consultation

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    24h / 7 days a week

    Our operators will answer all your questions, inquire about the nature of addiction and prepare that data for admission. They will organiza a free shuttle to the clinic from the airport.

  • 2

    Examination by a Narcology experts

    Medical team diagnosis

    After arrival, we will conduct a through examination including ECG, biochemical blood analysis, urine testing, psychiatrist examination. These test help our medical team form the best possible treatment program based on patients general physical and psychological health and history of addiction

  • 3

    Creating a treatment program

    Treatment program course
    Price of treatment

    Based on data collected in the diagnostics step, our medical experts will decide on the course, duration and price of the treatment.

  • 4

    Hospitalization and detoxification

    Removing physiological dependence
    Easing withdrawal symptoms

    Immediately after admission we can start flushing harmful substances out of patients body. Depending on the severity, this stage lasts from 2 to 5 days. Withdrawal process is under the control of addiction psychiatrists and anesthetists to avoid pain and other possible complications of withdrawal.

  • 5

    Psychological addiction treatment

    Acting on the cause of addiction
    Removing psychological dependence

    Wher a patient's body is clean from the substance, we begin our work on cravings and causes of addiction. Psychotherapy, physiotherapy, regeneration therapy, education therapy and aversion therapy help the patient overcome his addiction and create aversion toward the substance.

  • 6

    Discharge and anti-relapse support

    12 months of anti-relapse support

    After discharge from the clinic, patients continue to be treated against possible recidivism. they remain in contact with the doctors and receive assistance at any time should a sign of a problem manifest itself.

In our hospital, we have treated patients from all around the world: UK, Italy, Germany, USA, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Nigeria...even New Zealand!

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