Opiate detox recovery program london patient experience

Dr Alexey: So, you leave our clinic. I would like for people to here your story. Tell me please: Where are you from?

Patient: London

Dr Alexey: London, Ok, you live in London, so what was the problem?

Patient: Heroin

Dr Alexey: Heroin addiction?

Patient: Yes

Dr Alexey: For how long?

Patient: 13 years

Dr Alexey: 13 years already… have you ever had treatment before?

Patient: No, no

Dr Alexey: Never, ok. So why did you decide to pass treatment.

Patient: It got recommended by a friend

Dr Alexey: So, you were tired of just being…

Patient: Yes, I was just tired of being an addict

Dr Alexey: So what were the negative consequences of being an addict?

Patient: Well…spending all your money, doing nothing constructive, and basically just not getting on with life.

Dr Alexey: And so, how did you find our clinic?

Patient: It got recommended to me by someone who has been here before, and they told me to look on the internet, and I went on the internet and I found it.

Dr Alexey: And do, you just decided to pass drug detoxification, opiate detox…and what do you think about the treatment, how was it?

Patient: I think It was very good. I think it’s definitely worth doing, yeah.

Dr Alexey: So, you passed one detoxification procedure, and you were on medicaments, on neuro jet (N.E.T) therapy…. So how was it during the treatment? In the beginning probably it was hard?

Patient: Very hard, yeah, it’s pretty hard.

Dr Alexey: Now, how you feel?

Patient: I feel great now

Dr Alexey: So what do you think now, are you satisfied with the results?

Patient: Definitely, it’s definitely worth it

Dr Alexey: No symptoms of withdrawal?

Patient: No

Dr Alexey: No physical, no mental problems?

Patient: No, no... I’m not sure you can do this on your own.

Dr Alexey: Are you sure about yourself?

Patient: Yeah, we are pretty sure

Dr Alexey: So do you have any plans?

Patient: Yeah, I got loads of plans

Dr Alexey: Nice, so do you recommend to other people…

Patient: definetly!

Dr Alexey: …who have the same problem?

Patient: I would definitely recommend it. In fact, I already have! I’ve recommended it to two of my mates! I already have

Dr Alexey: Ok, I wish you all the best in the future, a life without drugs

Patient: Thank you, see you in two weeks.

In our opiate detox recovery hospital we had patients from all over the world: Cardiff, Dublin, Cork, Limerick,London, Perth, Stirling, Manchester, Liverpool, Wolverhampton , Belfast, Oxford, Wells, Europe, England, Germany, Uk, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland...

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